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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Best Friends, Kanab, Utah: Visiting Dribbles

I am a sucker for an affectionate cat. As the days pass, I migrate from cat house to cat house, seeking out my favorite felines. As I mentioned before, my fondness for Dribbles was only handicapped by his very messy backside, but the caregivers have clued me into a work-around. If I visit the Kitty Motel after lunch, when the staff is washing up the backsides of the Incontinents, I can swaddle his freshly laundered bottom and thoroughly enjoy the sweet smelling, well maintained upper half of this loving cat. Oh Dribbles! xxxooo


Lara said...

What wonderful entries !

I have not had the opportunity YET to visit Best Friends, but thanks to your wonderful stories and insights, I feel like I know them all. The pictures along are just wonderful - and those faces !
Thank you Diana - for sharing these experiences with us !


lrslippers said...

Hi. Please contact me about using your "Cat Odyssey ' article to help with our prison cat program in SC. I am keeping htis short since I don't know that you wll get it. My email is not gmail as listed below, but I also left you a FB message in your 'other' box. Thank you.
Lisa Fouche'
Columbia SC