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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Orleans: Update on the Maine Coon

While Evangeline was at the vet on Monday, I drove back to Lafayette. A little bit of confusion and $13 later, that big lug of a fellow was in my car. Shaved is not a good look for him, but he was just as loving as promised. Once his fur grows back, I’m sure he will be spectacular. And best of all, a woman in Bolivar, Tennessee wanted to adopt him. Lara had checked all her references (including her vet and they were all very enthusiastic about her qualifications.) I spoke with her on the phone and she told me that her last cat was a big old Maine Coon male that she had adopted from a shelter years ago. He too had been shaved, so it seemed like fate. We made arrangements to meet on Sunday afternoon in West Tennessee on my way home.

For the meanwhile, I am keeping him separated from the kittens and Evangeline is spending the night at ARNO.

The hotel I am staying at is made of three buildings, a mansion that used to belong to a minister, slave quarters and a bordello. I am staying in the bordello, complete with a red chaise lounge. 'Chance' as Lara has dubbed him, loves to lounge on the chaise (bordello style) and watch the action on the street. I coo at him and tell him how much his new mommy is looking forward to meeting him.

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