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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nashville, TN: Attachment

Tommorow I take the kittens to their new foster mom. Jenny Towle has lots of experience and is a wonderful woman. But I really want to keep these babies. I am convinced that they are the sweetest, most delightful kittens that were ever born. They radiate confidence and affection. So snuggly and loving. I can barely stand it. I made every argument and plea possible to my husband who vetoed them as additions to our family. Part of me knows that he is right, to add four more would be too much. But when I look at their trusting little faces, they are so much more than a number.

If it weren’t for my husband, I might be in danger of being a well intentioned cat hoarder. My mind is feverish with awful images of the terrible fates that could befall my beloved little kittens: Nola, Kate, Charles and Annie. Perhaps I could make a more persuasive argument in favor of keeping them if I wasn’t about to leave for two months.

These are their photos and the descriptions I sent to Lara of Basha’s Fund/Doodlebug Manor, who will be placing them:

Cajun Kittens
Born on the Bayou, these four kittens are bold and cuddly (not a scaredy cat in the bunch!) They are happy to sleep in a pile or curl up on your shoulder, nuzzling into your neck. Each one is confident and affectionate—the purrfect combination. If you are looking for a snuggly cat that will come when you call—don’t miss out on these darlings.

Nola (for New Orleans Louisiana)
Nola is a delightful black and grey classic tabby. She has the most reserved nature of the litter, sweet and petite.

Annie (named after the cook at the Creole house bed and breakfast in New Orleans) An adventurous youngster (and my eight year old daughter’s favorite because of her loving personality.) This fluffy gray kitten will probably have a medium length coat.

Kate (named after Kate Chopin author of The Awakening) mostly tabby with a touch of tortie in her face, Kate is my favorite for her smart sparky character. She comes running when I enter the room and will scale any bedsheet to snuggle up under the covers with you at night.

Charles (named after St. Charles avenue in New Orleans): The only boy of the litter, he is an exceptionally sweet cat. He also comes running when he sees me and purrs the instant I pick him up. His fluffy coat will probably be medium length.
I don’t know how rescuers do this, again and again, raise up and love cats just to hand them over with hearts full of hope to relative strangers. I love these kittens, but right now I can barely look at them knowing that we will be separated tomorrow.

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