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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kids Vs. Cats

The thing about kids vs. cats: For most cat behavioral issues, all you need is some solid information to solve the problem. I just don’t find the same to be true with kids.

For example, I have decided that Little Bits penchant for drawer diving has gone beyond what is reasonable, safe and tolerable. One of these days, she will get hurt. The solution is three pronged (aside from just trying to keep the drawers closed and inaccessible). Keep an empty soda can with a few pennies inside ready to shake whenever I see Little Bit casing an open drawer. Work on clicker training the ‘come’ command to get her to come back out if she does get in. The third thing is the most important though. As I plan the cat’s environment in our new home, I want to provide Little Bit with lots of interesting caves and crevices to explore that are safe for her. Little Bit gets bored easily, she needs lots of play and action. Plenty of appropriate places to climb and explore will keep her from needing to investigate what is behind every drawer.

It just isn’t that simple with my kids. Or perhaps I am mistaken. When I think of Little Bit, I think of her intense need to use up energy. The kids have similar issues. These days one just doesn’t set kids loose on the world letting them explore at will (kind of like keeping one’s cats indoors.) Perhaps I should focus on creating opportunities for the kids to combine exploring with releasing energy.

I am told that clicker training works on kids too. Hmm….

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